About Us


At D2L (Dream to Lead), our mission is to empower youth in sports and
entertainment to reach their full potential through mentorship, education,
vocational training, and personal development. We believe that every young
Individuals deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams and build successful futures, regardless of their background or circumstances.


 D2L is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between
youth and professionals in the sports and entertainment industries. Through our comprehensive programs and services, we provide guidance, resources, and opportunities for young individuals to thrive both personally and professionally.

Programming Highlights

  • Personalized mentorship: Pairing each participant with a dedicated mentor
    to provide one-on-one guidance and support tailored to their individual
    needs and goals.
  • Foundational education: Offering a comprehensive curriculum covering
    core subjects and life skills workshops to empower participants
    academically and personally.
  • Specialized training programs: Providing hands-on learning experiences and
    industry-specific skills training in high-demand fields such as healthcare,
    technology, hospitality, entrepreneurship, financial services, legal, and
  • Job placement opportunities: Partnering with local businesses and
    vocational training providers to facilitate internships and job placements for
    program graduates.
  • Additional Vocational Training: Culinary, coding, artificial intelligence.
  • Workshops and support groups: Offering resources and interventions
    focused on stress management, emotional resilience, and self-care to
    support participants’ mental health and well-being.
  • Music education: Providing instrumental and vocal music lessons,
    workshops, and performance opportunities to cultivate artistic talent and
  • Sports clinics and cultural experiences: Organizing sports camps,
    tournaments, and cultural outings to promote physical activity, teamwork,
    and cultural enrichment.
  • Additional Sports & Entertainment Services: Broadway, performing arts,
    music concerts, theatre, choreography, dance, languages.
  • Engaging with schools, colleges, and employers: Forming partnerships to
    access educational resources, internship opportunities, and career
    development support for participants.
  • Resource hub: Establishing a centralized online portal for participants to
    access information, tools, and resources related to education, career
    planning, and community services.

Make an impact

Through our holistic approach to youth empowerment, D2L aims to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of leaders in sports and entertainment. By providing mentorship, education, vocational training, and mental health support, we equip young individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in their chosen fields and make a positive impact in their communities.

Get Involve

Join us in our mission to empower youth in sports and entertainment!
Whether you’re interested in becoming a mentor, partnering with us, or supporting our fundraising efforts, your contribution can make a difference in the lives of young individuals striving to achieve their dreams.